Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11-9-16 What's next? Fight back!

What's next? From Jack A. Smith, editor, Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter 11-9-16

It is a gray overcast day in upstate New York. No sunshine. But the clouds continue to drift, the birds are flying, cars and a school bus pass on our road, the subdued remains of our fall garden are soothing.

Life does go on for all of us even in the midst of profound political/social disaster. The racists and haters of women, and those who are intolerant of immigrants and refugees and Muslims and Mexicans, the KKK and the neo-fascists and the nativists, the supporters of the ruling class and neoliberal capitalism — all have won the election.

This is evidently what it takes to "Make America Great Again." When was America last great? I think they believe it was In the 1950s. Before the civil rights revolution, before the defeat in Vietnam, before the uprising of American women defeated some of the worst aspects of male supremacy, before Roe v. Wade, and before much else was good for the people in recent decades.

Now, today, begins the intensive struggle to fight such regression. There will be many thousands of fight backs over the next few years, starting soon. The left will mobilize quickly, but just behind them will be millions of Democrats, Bernie supporters, Blacks, Latinos, and others.

There will be a large anti-Trump protest in Washington on Pennsylvania Ave. in January as the president-elect rides to his inauguration. We hope many buses come from the Hudson Valley. (I can hardly walk these days but I've organized many bus trips to DC demonstrations in the past and can offer advice, publicity and support to those who can do the organizing. Co-editor Donna Goodman, similarly experienced, will be happy to participate, of course. Let us know.)

We will not allow our country to go back one day much less several decades. Each of us has a part to play, whether it is through conversations critical of Trump to those who support him, or joining protests or offering civil disobedience and other actions that promote the cause. For the sake of all our families and the American people, the people of the world and future generations we must all fight back.

So buck up, there's work to be done to defeat the racist forces of the far right and their exultant neo-fascist friends. Dump Trump!

Jack, jacdon@earthlinknet,

PS. I have spent the past week day and night reading and collecting material to write a post-election article welcoming the defeat of Trump and praising the election of our country's first woman president, while pointing out that the forces behind Trump will remain a serious problem for years to come and that Clinton will not implement the Bernie reforms and indeed will expand America's endless wars. I had planned to send it out tomorrow. Well that's not going to work! So I'll redo everything. It'll take a few days.